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Yeah! How come I never thought of this before??

2009-07-01 10:37:36 by mariiahgac

I've been playing on NG for years now, and I only just became an user!....
I know, it was about time! xD
Well, hello everyone, how is your gamming going? eh? EH?
I'll leave you to your thoughts o____o


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2009-07-01 11:03:05

Newgrounds is going great man, have you checked out the street fighter collab? MGS collab?

They also recently added an art portal! So now this place has everything, so even if you don't submit music or flash anyone can draw and submit it!

So from everyone, welcome to Newgrounds!

Also if you get a chance, check out my art I made in photoshop

P.S I myself also have been on Newgrounds since around 2002 and I recently joined too in 07-08

mariiahgac responds:

xD I'm loooving newgrounds!
I just need more XP points and medals lol D:


2009-07-01 11:42:04

Lol, welcome!! :D NG's the best!


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